Life Highlights Game

This game is a perfect icebreaker for both small and large groups. This activity begins with each participant closing their eyes and think of all the best moments in their lives. Any moment whether it would be being alone, with family, or with friends also included are personal success, professional success, or life adventures as long as it was a highlight of their lives. Next step would be to narrow down those highlights, while their eyes are closed the participants are asked to choose which 30 seconds of their lives they want to relive if they only had 30 seconds left to live. Then the leader of the activity would ask each person of the group to share what moment they want to relive and why they would want to relive it. The first part allows participants to reflect on the goodness of their lives, the second part will let them get to know their group mates more intimately. The game allows the participants to get a feel of the passion, love, and personalities of their co-workers.