The Great Egg Drop

The game starts out with splitting the group in to two smaller groups, with a task of building a package for the egg that can protect it from an eight foot drop. After each package has been built each group is asked to create an advert for their package. At the end of each presentation each group is than instructed to drop their egg using the package to test if it works. The game not only promotes teamwork amongst the group, but also brings them closer in achieving a common goal of creating an egg package that can successfully protect the egg.


A variation to this game is instead of building a package around the egg, teams are given a packet of straws and 1 egg. Their task is to build a structure that is able to catch / support an egg being dropped from shoulder height (or a height you decide). Teams need to get creative as work together as they try to work out the best way to achieve this task. – Courtesy Total Team Building

The Coin Logo Game

This game begins with asking all the group members to empty their pockets, wallets, bags or any coins that they have, then placing it on a table in front of them. Then each person is instructed to create a logo for themselves using the coins they placed. Each participant would then explain their logo to the group and why they made it to represent themselves. This activity not only helps in self-awareness of the participants but also it allows the participants to get to know each other on a more personal level.